The future of living is defined by the way citizens share spaces. It is defined by the way they draw boundaries between private and public life and by who they choose to form semi-private communities with, by the way the spend time together, make things and pass on memories from the past. With the end of April Citymaker activities in China and Germany reached a milestone. In Berlin “Future of Living” alongside with our fellows from the incubators “Urban Farming Incubator” and “Shared Heritage” presented how we will get “From Dialogue to Action”.

Read Philipp Wurm’s report on the Robert Bosch Foundations’s website here and download the Recommendations.

Citymakers is the first interdisciplinary Network of German and Chinese experts, co-created by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Constellations International, where ideas for sustainable urban development in both countries are co-created. Those ideas are published in the Citymakers Recommendations.