Citymaker-Pioneers from China and Germany with diverse backgrounds and the interested public met in Berlin. Together and in teams they discussed how German-Chinese city co-operations can realize ideas for livable cities and scale-up successful projects.

With the team “Future of Housing Future of Living” we visited a cross-section of Berlin’s diverse types of collaborative housing projects. Inspired by what we saw and drawing upon our large range of professional experience we came up with the “STARTER KIT”. A concept that will bring together key actors from the real estate industry, public administration and urban innovators eager to test new forms of urban living in buildings custom made for the needs of communities. We are determined to further develop the idea in a Chinese pilot town with partners who share our conviction that the “STARTER KIT” is just the beginning of a scaleable, yet every different solution of housing and living, tailored to its owners, users and stewards.

Check  the citymaker website for upcoming events and constellations’ website for coverage of the September event.